Microsoft Warns Windows 8.1 Users About April Update

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According to recent reports, all those users who haven’t installed the Windows 8.1 update launched in April, 2014 would not be able to receive patches and security fixes in the future. The Windows tech support team had already warned the users to install Windows 8 and 8.1 update in order to get updates in the future.

Most of the Windows 8.1 users have already installed the Windows 8.1 update, as stated by sources close to Microsoft. The company spokeswoman Jill Novato told CNET that although several users have already installed the update, a small portion hasn’t done it yet. These users will be considered non applicable for the Windows 8.1 patches that will be launched from now onwards. This however doesn’t mean that the existing Windows 8.1 users won’t be getting technical assistance.

It can be said that the latest announcement from Microsoft is another novel strategy to make sure that the Windows 8 and 8.1 users get more acclimatized to the modern features. This is because even after putting an end to the support for Windows XP almost three months ago, the Windows 8 and 8.1 user share lags far behind the other versions.

Modern Features

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When Windows 8 was launched, Microsoft included many advanced and touch-centric features in the OS to provide an advanced computing experience for the users. However, the company also excluded some of the most useful and basic features such as the Start menu in the process. As a result, Windows 8 became less favored and those who had plans to install Windows 8 also changed their preference to the earlier versions such as Windows XP and Windows 7. The company was in fact forced to develop a new version in the form of Windows 8.1 to revive its business. Windows 8, although marginally proved to be better than Windows 8 with the availability of Start menu and several user-friendly apps, failed to charm the customers on the whole.

Now, if you are running Windows 8.1 OS in your system and have failed to install the latest update rolled out in April, it is clear that you won’t be eligible for the future patch updates from the software giant. If you have already enabled the Automatic Update option in the system, you need not worry, as the update would have got automatically installed in your Windows 8.1 computer. Well, if you haven’t, the best option would be to contact the Windows tech support team to check for the availability of an update option.

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Steps Involved In Disabling Ask Toolbar From Your Browser

Ask Toolbar Removal

                  Ask Toolbar Issues

Many a times, while browsing the internet, you would have noticed the ask toolbar on top of your web browser. The interesting fact is that most of the times the users accidentally install this toolbar, which represents the search engine. According to the Windows tech support team, ask toolbar can be termed as a browser hijacker, which takes control of the search engine and replaces it with the one that it represents.

Most users think Ask toolbar is a virus, which is not true. It is basically a Potentially Unwanted Program or PUP, which affects the browsing sessions of the users, Due to this issue, it is always recommended to do the ask toolbar removal.

To know how to remove ask toolbar from your browser, you can follow these instructions provided by the Windows tech support team.

  • In the first step, you need to open your browser. While doing this, you need to close any unnecessary tabs in your browser. Now, click on the Settings tab on your window.
  • If you are using Chrome, you can find the settings tab under the three-bar box on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Now, if you are using Internet explorer as your browser, this option would be available as the gear-shaped tab on the top right corner and would be named as Internet Options. However, in Mozilla Firefox, the settings tab will be available under the orange Firefox bar on the top left side of the browser.

    Browser Hijacker

                         Uninstall Ask Toolbar

  • For the ask toolbar removal, you need to now click on the Extensions tab. You would find a list of all the extensions that have been downloaded into the system with a small checkbox that says Enabled next to each. Find the ask toolbar from this available list of options and then deselect the Enable box next to this extension. Meanwhile, you can also contact the Windows tech support team anytime to get more information on the ask toolbar removal.
  • Once you have successfully deselected the option, you can check your browser. Although disabling the ask Toolbar doesn’t uninstall it from your computer, it should be removed from your browser by now. Now, you would require changing the homepage from search engine to your specific search engine.

These steps can help you to successfully remove ask toolbar from your web browser. However, if you are still facing the same issue, you may get in touch with our technical support team for assistance.

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Microsoft Notifications Keep Popping Up On Windows XP Screens

Microsoft Help & Support

             About Windows XP Support

With no Microsoft help & support services available for Windows XP, it is now an obsolete OS. However, many Windows XP users continue to use it ignoring the consequences. Well, Microsoft would like to remind such users that they are using an outdated platform and should upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8 to stay protected from malware attacks and viruses.

This means that these Windows XP users will get occasional notifications from Microsoft reminding them that XP is now an unsupported OS. These notifications will have a link that will take you to the Microsoft help & support website, where you can find more information about the matter. Of course, if these notifications seem to bother you, then you can turn them off using the disable notifications option in the system.

When you click on the notification link, a Microsoft support webpage will open in your browser. Here, you will find information about the risks associated with using an outdated OS. Microsoft says that with Windows XP no longer receiving any security updates, it is now five times more vulnerable to hackers and malware infections.

You can also find the option for upgrading to new Windows operating systems on the page, but of course, you will have to upgrade your system to meet with the system requirements for installing the new OS. In order to help Windows XP users with this, Microsoft has released an Upgrade Advisor utility. This freeware is just about 5 MB in size and you can find the download link for this program on Microsoft support website.

Upgrade Advisor

            Upgrade To Microsoft Windows 8

Yet another application Microsoft has released to help XP users with the upgrade is PCMover Express for Windows XP. This application can be used for transferring your media files, emails, customized settings, and user profile data from an old XP system to a new Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 computers. This is also a freeware and you can find the link for downloading this application on the official Windows XP website. In addition, a paid version of the same software, which can be used for transferring your XP apps to newer Windows operating systems, is also available online.

According to Microsoft, with or without the security updates, using a over-a-decade old hardware or software is always risky. So, if you are still on Windows XP, you should consider upgrading your system at the earliest.

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How To Display Outlook 2010 Calendar And Tasks On Desktop

Outlook Help Desk

      Microsoft Outlook For Mac

Outlook 2010 is an email client or a personal information manager, which comes as a part of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite. Some of the latest versions of Outlook are Outlook 2013 and Outlook 365. Outlook 2011 is the Outlook version that runs on Mac computers developed by Microsoft.

Outlook is the most extensively used and preferred email client. Apart from being the most preferred email client, there is much more with the Outlook 2010. Calendars and Tasks are the other features used by people apart from sending and receiving emails. You can refer to the Outlook help desk to know more about the features.

You need to open Outlook to be able to view things in Tasks and Calendars, as there is no other way to make changes or to view it. Displaying them on the desktop and making it readily available is far from reach since there are no setting options that can do the same.

Here is the app to fill this void. It is called DeskTask, which synchronizes with Outlook. Since it synchronizes with Outlook, it can display both the Task and Calendar on the Desktop. Apart from that, it also displays the To-do list; it is located to the left of the desktop screen by default. However, you can change the location on the desktop screen and place it as you wish.

Tasks And Calendars

        Microsoft Outlook Express

The refresh interval or the time taken for the next refresh is one hour in the usual case. This can also be changed by going to Options and selecting the General tab. Some of the noteworthy settings included are Snap To Desktop, Open Outlook Items, and Align Items, Refresh Hotkey and more.

It is possible to customize tasks and calendars in their respective tabs. There are options to change the way the display tab looks and the position. You can also change the way you want Calendars and Tasks displayed on the Display tab.

All that you require to do is to right click on the system tray in order to open Calendar, Task or Outlook from the list of options that pop up. There are four other items apart from these options such as Restore Position, Refresh, Lock Window and Hide Desktop Window.

Outlook can integrate with third party services such as Blackberry and Skype. These are some of the latest advancements introduced in Outlook. To know more about the latest advancements, you can contact our Outlook help desk.

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About Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Microsoft Fix It

     Microsoft Fix It Solution

Microsoft released Windows 7, a successor to Windows Vista in October 2009. The operating system was a huge success. Within a few months after its release, the sale figures crossed even millions. According to experts at Microsoft, Windows 7 surpassed Windows XP in all ways in terms of popularity, features and compatibility.

Microsoft releases Service Pack 1 to Windows 7

The huge success of Windows 7 has encouraged Microsoft to extend support to this operating system and improve its features. The software giant released a service pack to Windows 7 in February 2011. The service pack streamlined the features, performance and compatibility of the operating system. Features like Microsoft fix it solution were integrated with the service pack.

Is it necessary to install Windows 7 service pack 1?

Installation of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is not mandatory. However, if you want your PC to perform better and be compatible with HDMI audio devices and external hardware peripherals, it is advisable to install the service pack. The service pack will also ensure that you are able to restore previous folders and files in the Explorer after the system restart. In addition to improving the performance of your PC and streamlining the features, the Service Pack can stabilize your system and improve its security features.  Installing the service pack is an easy way to safeguard your system against a number of vulnerabilities.

HDMI Audio Devices

         Microsoft Support For Windows 7

How to ensure optimum performance of a Windows 7 PC?

Windows 7 is a modern operating system. It is home to a slew of sophisticated features like Aero, search indexing and modern visual effects. There are many useful and unwanted features. Obviously, there is no feature that is totally unwanted but some of the Windows 7 features may not interest you.

You can disable the Windows 7 features that don’t interest you and save the resources required for such features for other useful features. For instance, features like Aero and modern Visual effects may not be necessary for you. You can disable this feature and save the CPU and Memory required for these features and use them while performing other useful features.

Apart from these features that we have discussed above, Windows 7 is integrated with a number of other features like Microsoft Fix it and Windows help. While the former feature allows you to address Windows 7 problems on your own, the latter helps you address them with assistance from Microsoft experts.

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