Get Rid Of That Annoying Bing Toolbar

Remove Bing Toolbar

About The Bing Toolbar

Toolbars help to add more functions and options to the browser. But, often, some of these toolbars would turn out to be inconvenient add-ons that clutter the browser menu. The Bing toolbar from Microsoft, as the name suggests, helps you access the Bing search engine service easily online. However, most of us use Google as our main search engine and would use other search engines like Yahoo and Bing rarely.

How to remove Bing toolbar

If so, then it is best to get rid of this toolbar. You can always go to the website whenever you need to use the search engine. This way, you would remove all the unnecessary clutter from your browser, and also make sure that too many add-ons working in the background do not slow down the performance of your browser.

It is easy to remove Bing toolbar from your system. Unlike the many other adware toolbars available online like the Babylon or Ask toolbar, the Bing bar add-on is not an adware application. This means that it would be very easy to get rid of the application, if you uninstall it properly.

This is how to do it. The add-on would be present in the Add-ons or Extensions option in your browser menu. Click it and go through the list of add-ons installed in your browser. There, you would find the Bing toolbar. Select it and then press the Disable or Remove button. Disabling the toolbar would remove it from the browser menu and you can bring it back later by pressing the Enable button.

Ask Toolbar

    Removing The Bing Toolbar

Pressing the Remove button would only uninstall the add-on from the browser. The Bing toolbar application would be still there in the system. You need to uninstall it from the Control Panel. Go to the Control Panel from the Start Menu. Click on the Add or Remove Programs option you find there.

This would launch the Add or Remove Programs window, which would have the list of all the programs and applications installed in your system. There select the Bing toolbar application and click on the Remove or Uninstall option. The un-installation wizard would now ask you to confirm the removal of the Bing toolbar from the system. Press Yes and the Bing toolbar would now be uninstalled from the system.

This is how to get rid of the Bing toolbar from the system. The same steps would work for most of the other browser toolbars as well.

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Google To End The Support For Its Apps On Windows Vista

Windows Vista Support

About Windows Vista Support Lifecycle

Microsoft has recently ended its tech support services for the Windows XP operating system. The next one to lose tech services support would be the Windows Vista OS. Already, the Windows Vista users do not get the mainstream support for the operating system. The mainstream Windows Vista support expired back in April 2012.

The extended support for Windows Vista is set to expire in April 2017. Indeed, this gives the Windows Vista users plenty of time to upgrade to a new operating system – Windows 7 or Windows 8. However, the recent announcement about Google ending support for Google Apps on Windows Vista means that they might have to upgrade sooner than that.

Google not to support old Internet Explorer versions

Technically, Google has not stopped the Google Apps support for Windows Vista OS. But, they have discontinued the support for Google Apps on Internet Explorer 9, which happens to be the latest version of the browser compatible with Windows Vista. The newer versions of the browser – IE 10 and IE 11 – are not Vista-compatible.

Google has a product support policy, which states that they would discontinue the support for the third oldest application soon after the release of its latest version. With the release of IE 11, IE 9 has become the third oldest version and so Google no longer has to release any updated apps for IE 9, according to their product support policy.

Google Chrome Browser

Contact Windows Support

Some of the Windows Vista users argue that Google’s approach is wrong. Since IE 9 is the only latest Microsoft browser that runs on Windows Vista, it should not be counted as the third oldest application when you are considering the Vista OS. However, what Google actually wants is all these Vista users to switch to the Google Chrome browser.

Google has already stated that Chrome browser support would continue for Windows XP until April 2015 – even after the Microsoft End of Support date for the OS. Similarly, they would continue to support the Chrome browser for the Windows Vista OS.

With the expiry of the mainstream Windows Vista support period in April 2012, Microsoft is no longer obliged to release any new browser application for the OS. However, they might have to reconsider this decision and release the latest versions for some of the essential applications like Internet Explorer, if they do not want to lose ground to their competitor, Google.

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Joining The Windows Live Messenger Service

Windows Live Chat Support

Windows Live help

We have many instant messenger applications available today. The first instant messenger application for Windows was the old MSN messenger. The modern Windows Live Messenger has since replaced it. Most of the users who had been using MSN Messenger have since migrated to the new Windows Live Messenger.  Though many of the third party instant messenger applications we have today have the same advanced features, Windows Live Messenger remains superior owing to the large number of users it has as well as its compatibility with Windows operating systems.

Windows Live Messenger requires the users to sign into the application using their valid Microsoft accounts (Hotmail or This article describes how to log into the Windows Live Messenger service. Contact the Windows Live chat support online, if you need any help.


  • To log into Windows Live Messenger service, first you need to install the Windows Live Messenger application in your PC. For this, go to the official website of Microsoft and click on the link that says Download Windows Live Messenger. Once Windows Live Messenger setup file is downloaded, double-click on it to install it. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation.
  • After the successful completion of the installation, launch the application. If you have created a desktop icon for Windows Live Messenger, double-click on it to open the application.
  • Once the application is opened, type in your Microsoft account email address and the password in the fields provided.
  • Select the option that says Remember Me. This will allow Windows Live Messenger to remember your username. If you want the application to remember your password also, select the option that says Remember my password.

    Windows operating systems

    Windows Live Messenger

  • Once you are logged into the account, set the status message. This will allow the contacts in your account to know whether it is the apt time to contact you. In order to set the status message, locate and click on the dropdown menu option Status.  You have four options namely Online, Busy, At Work and Appear Offline.
  • You can also include the application in the startup programs list. This will launch the application whenever you turn on your PC. If you want the application to sign in your account automatically whenever it is launched, click on the option that says Sign me in automatically in the Windows Live Messenger settings.

The above instructions would help you log into the Windows Live Messenger service. For further information on this, contact the Windows Live Chat support.

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Steps To Chat With Hotmail Account Users

Windows Live Chat Support

Windows Live Updates

Windows Live Messenger, popularly known as MSN messenger is an instant messaging service, developed by Microsoft that is compatible with Windows, Xbox 360, iOS etc. This messaging application is one of the most widely used services by the users. As compared to other popular messaging clients, MSN messenger comprises of different advanced features such as album viewer, social networks integration, offline messaging, etc. For all the issues regarding the MSN messenger, the users can contact the technicians at the Windows live chat support.

Hotmail is a similar free email service developed by Microsoft, and users can now easily chat with people on MSN messenger using a Hotmail account. According to the Windows technical support, Hotmail is part of the MSN family, which is now linked with Windows Live. If you are using Gmail and Yahoo as your personal email services, you would be able to use chat services within their email servers. However, for chatting with Hotmail account, you must use the services of MSN messenger.

You can follow these instructions provided by the Windows live chat support technicians to chat with users with a hotmail account:

  • In the first step, you would require downloading the latest version of Windows Live. Once you have, you need to save the file to your desktop and run the installation wizard. Once the installation is completed, you can restart your computer.
  • Now, you would require logging into Windows Live with your Hotmail email address and password.
  • In the next step, you would get a pop up wizard on the screen. Click on this and you would find all the friends on your contacts list who use Windows Live. Here, you would be able to manually add users by clicking on the Contacts option, which you can find on the top menu bar.


                    Windows Live Issues

  • Now, you would need to choose the Add a Contact option and type the person’s email into the bar. Once you have entered the email address of the person correctly, you can recheck and then submit the information. Here, if the person does not use MSN messenger, he/she would get an invitation to start using the instant messenger service.

These steps would help you to successfully chat with people with a Hotmail account. To get more information on the features of MSN messenger, feel free to contact our 24/7 Windows technical support team.

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Finding Vista Or XP Items In Windows 7

Windows 7 help

Windows support

In the Windows 7 operating system, you may find that the Windows Vista and the Windows XP features you love have been changed or moved. If you have migrated from the Windows XP OS to Windows 7, here is what changed.

The menus disappeared

Windows 7 operating system does not show the menus in Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer web browser. You can press the Alt key to bring the menu back. Instead of the menus in WordPad or Paint, you get a ribbon.

The Up navigation button disappeared

When go through the Windows XP folders, you can click on the Up button to move up one level. The Windows 7 Os does not have an UP button. Instead, the user can click on the right arrow or down arrow to go through a number of folders.

Users cannot pick your photos

The Photo Import Wizard in Windows XP operating system lets the users choose the photos that they need to import from camera by checking the boxes near to each photo. Windows Live Photo Gallery in Windows 7 does not have anything like that.

Locating your PC’s IP address is difficult

In the Windows XP operating system, it is very easy to find the IP address of your computer. In the Windows & Os, you will have to click on the Network icon, select Open Network and Sharing Center and then click on the Change Adapter Settings link. You will then have to right click on the adapter, select Status and then click on Advanced to see the IP address of the PC.

These are some of the basic differences between Windows XP and Windows 7 operating system. If you are jumping from Windows Vista to Windows 7, you will notice the following changes.

Workgroups do not mean squat

HomeGroups sharing

Windows 7 OS

In Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will be able to give a name to your network. This will be a Workgroup name. Windows 7 also has workgroups, but they do not mean much. Instead of Workgroups, Windows 7 OS offers powerful HomeGroups sharing method.

The wizards disappeared

If you look for your favorite Windows XP or Windows Vista wizards, you may not be able to find them. Wizards have been removed from the Windows 7 operating system. When you are in doubt, you can click on the small flag located near the clock.

These are some of the differences between Windows XP or Vista and Windows 7 OS. If you need further clarifications, you can contact the Windows 7 help team. The Windows 7 help team offers support and assistance for all relevant queries.

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