Four Months To Windows 7 Support Cut-Off

Windows 7 Support

         Windows 7 Security

Tech company Microsoft continues to warn users of the end of Windows 7 support, which is scheduled for January 13, 2015. This will be similar to the EOS for Windows XP that came earlier this year.

There will be no more security patches available to users, in the event that hackers find security holes in the operating system. Whom this affects the most are consumers; and many will have to pay for extended Windows 7 support.

Many companies are accepting the offer of paid support for another 5 years, ending on January 14, 2020. Most businesses are in the middle of upgrading their operating systems from Windows XP, which was recently struck off the supported list. However, these businesses are not moving on to Windows 8, but rather Windows 7, and then paying for extended support until 2020.

Common speculation considering the popularity of the operating system is that Microsoft will decide to extend support for it, the same way they did with Windows XP. The latter OS garnered over 12 years of mainstream support, thanks to its unending popularity, but the company still scrapped it eventually, which means eventually, they will do the same with Windows 7.

Nevertheless, there are prominent reasons for there not to be an extension in support. One is that Windows 8 all but contains Windows 7, as part of its Desktop Mode. This was intertwined with the Windows 8 Metro at first, but since Windows 8.1, users can opt to skip the Metro UI altogether. Also, the current OS beats Windows 7 along many technical aspects.

Security Patches

           Windows 7 Problems

The uptake of Windows 8 leaves a lot to be desired, and Microsoft has stepped up its efforts in this regard. The only need is to reach a threshold where there are enough people to write software for the OS. This would in turn attract new customers.

End of life support for Windows 8 has been slated for January 9, 2018. According to Microsoft, Windows 8.1 will still be there after that, which is why users now have two years to upgrade to it. The general availability of the Windows 8.1 update will extend to 2023.

The Windows 8.1 update was made publicly available on October 18, 2013, and was received well by users, especially those that were not happy with Windows 8. It reinstated the Start button, which had been removed from the latter. However, it still matches neither Windows 7 nor Windows XP in popularity.

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Syncing Outlook Using Gmail As The Sync Server

Outlook Email Setup

              Using Outlook Email

Outlook is a good way to manage your email messages without signing into your webmail account. It also lets you take care of many other things including the sorting of tasks and schedules, as well as handling your contact information. Organizing is a breeze with this eminently helpful productivity application, which comes in as part of the Office suite from Microsoft.

Configuring a POP3 account in Outlook is a popular method for downloading emails using the mail client. However, it is only good as long as you are using a single computer. For Outlook email setup on multiple machines, there is the IMAP protocol, which lets you synchronize between different computers, and even between different email clients. This lets you work Outlook from your office and synchronize it with some other email client that you have installed at home.

Suppose you have Mozilla’s Thunderbird installed on your Mac at home, and Outlook in your office computer. It is much simpler to synchronize the two email clients using IMAP protocol. Here’s a look at how the synchronization works when you have a Gmail account.

Steps to follow

  • Download all your emails in Gmail. Then check if the IMAP option is enabled for your account. To do that, go to the Settings page in Gmail, and check if the Enable IMAP option is selected under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Make a new IMAP account in Outlook, and sync it with Gmail. Until you are satisfied this solution works to your best advantage, use the POP email option in the client.

    Productivity Application

                  Outlook Gmail Sync

  • When done, you can copy the email messages from your old Outlook account to the new one; all you need to do is click and drag. By now, the email will have been synced between Outlook and Gmail. What you should do then, is repeat the same procedure for all computers that you are planning to use.

This is a good method if you are using a webmail account that you want to access even when you are offline. The email account can be synced with Outlook, just as we did with Gmail here. Call our tech support number and get a one-on-one chat session with our technical representative to learn more on the same feature. Meanwhile, go through our latest posts for more helpful tips and guidelines on Outlook email setup and Windows troubleshooting.

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Special Features Of The Advanced Windows System Monitor Tool

Windows help

           Microsoft Windows

It is not surprising that multiple monitors can be much more helpful to increase your productivity in an amazing manner. At the same time, having a second monitor means that you will be requiring your important tools on every screen. This is exactly where you can use Windows help services and bring all the important system tools to one place with the help of MultiMon, the advanced Windows system monitor tool. Read ahead to know more about the special features of Multimon.

Advanced computer monitor tool

One of the unique features of Multimon is that you can use it to optimize all the technical issues of your computer. At the same time, you can also see that with Windows help tools like MultiMon, you get more room to accommodate advanced third party systems that provide enhanced system functionalities. MultiMon is both a free as well as a paid program that will enable you to view numerous system activities at the same time on your computer screen. To be precise, you will be able to view clipboard, keyboard functions, registry and the file system. You can always select a set of programs that you want to monitor, once you have installed the program on your computer. The best part is that you will be able to select the set of system programs individually from the main interface.

system functionalities

                  Windows OS

Always remember that both the resource use and memory use of your computer will be more, if you happen to select more sets of programs. The search results for the various programs will be separated into different tabs and you can switch and view them at your convenience. MultiMon will also let you view the new events of the entire items in one table. This is possible by clicking on the All tab option. You will also get to see the Registry monitor. The Registry monitor is the option that will display the complete Registry activities in real time. You will be able to see every entry with separate time and date.

The advanced system monitor tool will also display some information that might not be much useful to the average end users. On the other hand, such technical information can prove to be helpful to computer programmers and system administrators. MultiMon will enable you to record the entire key strokes and the technical data that is copied to the clipboard of your computer. You will also be able to filter important data successfully by clicking on the search option located at the bottom part of program window.

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Microsoft Bolsters Its Cloud Support Services With The Acquisition Of InMage

Azure Site Recovery Solutions

         About Microsoft Azure Service

It is clear that Microsoft – and many other tech firms in the market – see cloud storage as the next big thing in the IT industry. Microsoft has already launched their own cloud storage platform called OneDrive and a cloud Enterprise services platform called Microsoft Azure. It is clear that along with introducing these cloud-based services, they have to bolster their Microsoft support network to take care of any issues that might pop up in the services. This is why, their recent acquisition of the cloud support services firm, InMage, is so important.

Microsoft extends their cloud support services network

InMage is specialized in providing business continuity solutions. In simple terms, this means that their service will keep track of all the changes in the business data stored online and help in facilitating data recovery in the event of an error.

Of course, you might remember the recent reports about service outages that affected some of the Microsoft cloud services. Obviously, some of the affected users lost important data because of that service outage. With a cloud backup service like InMage now in their kitty, Microsoft can make sure that such data loss never happens. With this acquisition, enterprise users of Microsoft Azure are getting more data recovery options and tools as part of the Microsoft support services.

Microsoft Support

Improved Microsoft Support For Azure

Microsoft believes that this will assuage the concerns of the enterprise users regarding the data security on Microsoft Azure. As already mentioned, the service outages in the past showed that Microsoft is weak when it comes to data recovery. Microsoft just integrated the InMage Scout technology with their Azure Site Recovery solutions. The acquisition of InMage shows that the tech giant is quite serious about addressing this particular flaw in their cloud service network.

In fact, Microsoft can now add Disaster Recovery to the list of cloud services they are providing. According to their tech support website, they now have the technology to provide business continuity solutions to any firm, regardless of the software platform they are using – whether it is Windows or Linux operating systems or virtualization software like Hyper-V. Of course, these Disaster Recovery options were originally part of the InMage data security solutions.

Microsoft Azure now seems like a very good option to all the enterprise users out there. With the improved Azure Site Recovery options in place, they can continue to use the cloud storage services without any worries. Visit Microsoft Azure website to find out more about the new features, or call our tech support team for assistance.

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Microsoft Updates Services Agreement

Microsoft Chat

             Visit Microsoft Chat Forum

The Redmond based software giant has made new changes to their services policy and agreement that they were asking the users to oblige. The major changes in Services Agreement were mainly based on privacy, transparency and simplicity. All these changes came to effect as of July 31st of 2014 and all Microsoft users were sent an email intimidating them about the changes that are to take place with the company service agreement.

The General Manager of Search, Cloud and Content section in Microsoft, Ryan Gavin stated about the changes in the services agreement as follows in the Microsoft chat website, “Part of that is also making sure our service agreements are as easy as possible for everyone to understand. In that vein, we are sharing a few updates coming to the Microsoft Services Agreement well in advance of when they take effect, so that the people who use some of our most popular services, including OneDrive,, Bing and, know what to anticipate and understand what the updates mean.”

The company also stated in its Microsoft chat website about the changes in the industry as follows, “We tailor our privacy statements for each product and organize content for consistency, so people can easily find it. This includes a new Windows Services Privacy Statement that covers Microsoft account, and OneDrive.” The main highlight of the changes in the privacy policy is regarding the use of user data including personal documents, photos and personal files for target advertising. With the new service agreement in place, Microsoft makes it clear that they will not be using any data that the user stores in any of their Microsoft services for target advertising.

Changes In Services Agreement

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Most of the companies make use of the personal files and documents for targeting their customers for advertisements. However, Microsoft becomes the first in the industry to stop using user data for target advertising. According to the details published in the Microsoft help website, the company will also be not using data sent through their email, chat, video calls, or voice mail services for targeted advertisements.

Every new Microsoft account holder will have the new services agreement; however, those users of the service who have agreed to the old service agreement will be sent an email detailing the changes to the service agreement. Since the new service agreement is more user centric and provides more security for the user’s data, they will be more than happy to welcome it.

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