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Microsoft Chat is one of the best chat tools in the market. The software giant has designed this program with the latest features, which will help you to make your chats filled with fun and entertainment.

In Microsoft Chat, you need to enter a room from where you can communicate with others. The first step is to choose a server. There are different types of options for choosing the room. The room can be private, moderated or filled with maximum number of users. If you do not wish to enter any of these rooms, you can create one for yourself. Once you enter a room, you can initiate a private conversation with any person present online. The program also helps you to send files to any of the visitor.

Microsoft Chat is one of the programs that come loaded with many features. These features are designed to make the chat more interesting and attractive. Microsoft Chat can be considered as a graphical chat program. It comes with many animations and graphics, which will make chatting fun filled. One of the features of the program is the comic strip assigned for the users. Whenever a person joins the conversation and types the message, the comic strip unfolds. The chat messages are displayed in word balloons and this gives a pleasant view to the users.

Now, when it comes to interface, Microsoft Chat has one of the simplest ones of all chat programs. The simple interface will help you to find out the various tools in the menu with ease. Keep in mind that many programs have a lot of buttons and options and this makes it difficult to find out the exact option you want. However, you can find all the basic functions in the interface of the program and this helps you to choose the option you require with simple steps.

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The program provides better support for text chat and it has customizable fonts. This will help you to choose the fonts that are pleasant to your eyes. The toolbar in the program can be accessed with a single click. In addition, it provides NetMeeting integration for the users.

With all these features, Microsoft Chat can be considered one of the best chat tools in the world. For further assistance on this program, you may contact Omni Tech Support. It is one of the best online firms, which has not been involved in any Omni Tech Support fraud. As there is no Omni Tech Support fraud reported, you can trust this technical support company for fixing all your computer related issues.

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All New Microsoft Life Cam HD-5000

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LifeCam HD-5000 from Microsoft is the desktop version of LifeCam HD-6000 cam on laptops. The only difference between the two is regarding power consumption. A camera with 720p high-definition video with a 16:9 wide-screen format, this web cam is totally worth every penny. It is a guarantee that these cams would be the best to use on an upgraded systems. The best part is that LifeCam software increases the entertainment value with the help of a 3D video overlay.

While there are many advantages, some of the shortcomings are that with the auto-focus feature, the cam struggles to get a descent and solid picture. When you turn on video, it takes up all the CPU processing. Apart from such minor issues, these cams do need your attention. In case you need to know more about the working of the cam, you can get help from the Omnitech support desk.

Design And Features

The LifeCam HD-6000 and HD-5000 are designed in such a way that they look similar in both shape and size. Apart from some of the minor differences, which are distinguishable, they feature an integrated Windows Messenger button on top along with glossy black housing feature. Since the laptop version needs to move along with it, when compared to the desktop version, it is a bit smaller. The USB cable for both the cams are long enough to reach from the bottom of the tower to the top of the computer monitor.

Cam Support

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The base connection is the difference between both the models LifeCam HD-6000 and HD-5000. In the HD-6000, in order to support easy mounting, a clip is added to the cam. Meanwhile in HD-5000, the camera is equipped with a thick and flexible rubber foot. The HD-6000 enables users to rotate the camera to a full 360 degrees so that it would help people who are on the move, while the HD-5000 is static. In spite of all these features, these cams are easily mountable on the monitor. They are so compact that they can be easily carried around in a bag.

The best part of the cam is its 720HD quality along with ability to capture 30 frames per second. The rubber base is so firm and flexible that it would sit on any surface. The best part is that all these are available at affordable prizes. In case you have any issues with using the cam on desktops or laptops, call up our Omnitech support desk for apt cam support guidelines.

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Exporting Lotus Notes Email To Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is often termed as the most advanced email application. This is mainly because of the set of advanced and useful features available in the program. Some of these features such as calendar and task manager option enable the users to successfully schedule and organize their meetings and events. These features make Outlook a must have for every business professional.

Many a times, several issues pop up in the application that forces the users to call up a technician. Here, contacting genuine tech support services such as Omni tech support is essential to get the issues fixed in quick time. By testing Omni tech support, the customers would get to know about the quality of assistance and easy troubleshooting steps provided, unlike several other existing tech support companies.

Several users also prefer using Lotus notes as their email application because this program also includes options such as to-do lists, contacts management options, file sharing features, discussion forums etc. Also, these provide the users access to other related databases. Although this email application comprises of such significant features, several users think about exporting their data to Outlook.

One of the main reasons why Microsoft Outlook remains the most popular applications is because it is the most feasible email program and maintaining Outlook is a low cost affair. Moreover, Microsoft Outlook comprises of all the essential features that are not at all complicated to understand and perform.

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The best part of using Outlook is that along with being an excellent email application, the program also serves as an advanced personal information manager for the users. Although even Lotus Notes have the contacts management option, Outlook secures the personal and contact information of the users in a much more sophisticated manner. The personal information of the users is stored in specific files known as PST or personal storage tables, whereas the contact information is stored in Outlook address book.

Whenever you encounter issues in Outlook, make sure you only contact genuine tech support services like Omni tech support. As mentioned earlier, after testing Omni tech support services, many users have realized the importance of calling such professional technicians. Along with fixing their issues in quick time, the technicians also provided necessary troubleshooting steps to the users, which made them fix the same issues all by themselves.

Well, if you want to export Lotus emails to Outlook, you can also use a software program that can help you move the data.

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Reports Show That Adoption Rate Of Windows Vista Was Better Than Windows 8

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There would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the two flop operating systems from Microsoft were Windows 8 and Windows Vista. Now, if you were thinking that Windows 8 is far better than Windows Vista, you are wrong. According to the latest studies, Windows Vista was performing far better after its release when compared to Windows 8.

According to the study by NetMarketShare, Windows 7 continues to top the charts with the market share of 51.25 percent. The second position is secured by the outdated operating system from Microsoft, Windows XP. The rest of the operating system market includes Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Mac operating system. Even though in negligible percentage, few computers run on Windows 2000 and Windows NT. The share of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 together makes up 13.37 percent. The share of Windows Vista has fallen to 3.02 and now, it stands below the share of Mac OS X 10.9.

After the release of Windows Vista, the market share of this operating system was 14.3 percent and this is higher compared to the combined share of the Windows 8 operating systems now. There are a few reasons for that increased market share of Windows Vista. During that period, Microsoft accounted for the largest percentage of computers. In addition, Windows Vista was a completely new experience to the users. The interface of the operating system was much better when compared to its predecessor, Windows XP. The operating system looked futuristic and this influenced many people to make an upgrade to the operating system.

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Now, when it comes to Windows 8, it was released when there is no particular reason for the users to leave Windows 7 behind. Windows 7 is a true performer and would enjoy support from Microsoft for many more years to come. This is one of the reasons for the increase in sales of Windows 7 even though it has been five years since its release.

Another dangerous thing revealed in the study was the high percentage of Windows XP computers. Since Microsoft has stopped the release of security updates and patches for this operating system, it has become highly vulnerable to various threats.

Now, if you wish to upgrade your operating system to any of the newer ones from Microsoft, contact Omni Tech Support. There are no reports of Omni Tech Support ripoff. Since there are no Omni Tech Support ripoff reported, you can be sure that you will receive high quality technical support from highly skilled professionals to make the upgrade.

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High Quality Computer Repairs At Unrivalled Prices

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Have you imagined a world without computers? Actually, it is close to unimaginable; to have a world without computing devices that help us in almost everything.

Computers have obviously lessened human efforts, and replaced almost all works by computational and mechanical work. With the advent of modern technologies in the field of computing and electronic devices, computers have become super intelligent and capable of doing much more than they used to do before. Most work requiring human attention is now being taken care by computers in one form or the other.

Businesses use computers for a variety of reasons. Computers take care of various business processes, communication needs, and help to streamline day-to-day activities. So, we can say that the proper functioning of computers in a way determines the smooth functioning of a company. Therefore, if there is something wrong with them, or when there are errors in the computer system, it can cause the some of the processes to run slow or stop, then it may result in serious problems. This is why, it becomes really essential for companies to deal with computer related issues as soon as possible, before the problem exacerbates really affects the productivity.

Computer Related Problems

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Huge companies may have the financial luxury to hire IT technicians and separate staff to deal with computer related issues. But this may not be the case with small businesses that are running on a small budget, and depend hugely on their profits to fund various business activities. So, most small companies hire third party tech support services to take care of their technical and computer related problems.

Omni Tech Support service is one of the best tech support service providers out there. The most striking thing about this company is that they not only offer top-notch tech support services, but also make sure that no such error happens in future. Omni tech support guides users to deal with the computer problems, so that they can handle them the next time easily.

Unlike other tech support service providers, Omni Tech Support believes in high quality and so, they employ only efficient and qualified technicians to take care of their customer queries. Omni Tech support guides can be the right change which your company might need. Check out their subscription packages today, try the free tech support trial, and see for yourself how good they are at dealing with computer issues.

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