How To Fix Outlook Express Inbox Empty Error

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Outlook Express is an email client program developed by Microsoft. The program includes many features that can make email management a wonderful experience. It comes packed with interesting features like calendar, notes, journal, task manager, etc which are intended to make your day-to-day activities more streamlined and easier.

Though it is a versatile email client program, it is prone to errors. Unable to send/receive emails, cannot open email attachments, problems with transferring Outlook files etc. are some common issues that users face while using Outlook Express. One other problem that is commonly found is the Outlook Express mail folder corruption. Reason for this could be oversized files, unexpected shutdown, virus infection, background compaction, etc.

Consider a situation where you try to open Outlook Express only to find that the Inbox folder appear empty. There are no e-mail messages to view. In addition, you receive an Outlook Express error message as below:
Folder could not be displayed. Outlook express could not open this folder.
Possible causes are: Low disk space. Low memory

Strangely, you get this error message even when there is sufficient disk space and memory available.

Possible causes

The primary reason for such an error could be the read-only attribute of the Outlook Express Inbox.dbx.
It could also be due to the presence of an antivirus program scanning the Outlook Express mail folders or maybe it is because the Inbox.dbx is corrupted.

Solution for the problem

If the Inbox.dbx file is set as read-only, you need to remove the read-only attribute of the same. In order to do this, you need to locate the file using the Windows file search option (Find or Search). Once you have found this file, right-click to view its Properties. Deselect the checkbox next to the option Read-only and click Apply to save the settings.

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Another method you could try is to make sure that no antivirus software is scanning the e-mails of Outlook Express.

If the Inbox.dbx is damaged, you can rename, delete or repair it. To rename or delete the folder, you need to first locate it using Windows file search option. You can make use of the Inbox repair utility to fix problems with the Outlook Inbox folder. You can also try third party Inbox repair tools that can effectively solve problems with the Outlook Inbox folder.

If you still face any sort of Outlook Express error, get in touch with the Outlook tech support team and seek advanced assistance.