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Microsoft word is vital in this era as you know; many offices depend on Microsoft word to prepare important documents. Microsoft provides a free trial pack of MS office, which consists of Word, Excel, Spreadsheet and all other needed software for office purpose. This trial pack can be used for 30 days, after which this program locks itself and prevent users from generating office documents. Product keys to unlock and activate MS office can be bought from the activation centre. Microsoft Word tech support provides you assistance in activating MS word via internet and telephones.


Activation of MS Word through internet

  • Turn on the PC and check if it’s connected to internet. If it’s not, then connect it and launch MS word.
  • Use “ALT+F” keys in your keyboard and open “File”. A menu will appear in which you have to select the option “Help”. Now open “Activate Product Key” to begin activation of word.
  • Once you click on “Activate Product key” a wizard will start running. This program will assist you throughout thus process. Wizard will bring up a menu in which you will have to enter your product key and register via internet.
  • Once the registration is complete, close and run the MS word again. Repeat the second step by opening “File” then “Help” and inside “Help” if you can’t find “Activate product key”, MS word is now activated.

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Activation via phone

  • Launch the MS word program and open “File” in which there will be a tab”Help”. Open it and select “Activate Product Key”, which will enable activation wizard.
  • Wizard crop up’s a menu in which the product key of your current trial pack and country/place has to be entered. Wizard will generate the installation ID and contact number for activating MS word.
  • Make a call in the telephone number provided by wizard and tell the installation ID when the representative asks. Once the representative gets your installation ID they will give you a confirmation ID back.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the activation menu and type your confirmation code and press “Enter”.
  • Now open MS word again and open “File”, then “Help” and look for an option like “Activate Product key”, if you can’t find such an option then your word is now an activated version.