Tips To Block Unwanted Pop-ups In Google Chrome

Google Chrome features

Unwanted pop-ups while browsing creates frustration in users. How to block pop-ups?, is the most repeated questions asked by many internet users around the globe. Most of these pop-ups are advertisements that redirect you to the web page that contains the information about the particular ad.  Web Browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox comes with an inbuilt pop-up blocking feature, but you have to enable it manually.

I know it’s quite annoying when pop-ups intrude while checking some important topics over the internet. Besides this, these pop-ups may sometimes redirect you to some non trusted sites, which may create some problems with your system performance.

If you are using Google Chrome, the web browser developed by the Google, for browsing the internet, then it’s possible to customize it according to your wish, since the browser comes with number of customization features including the ability to customize the security features, such as blocking ads, pop-ups etc. This article is equipped with the Google Chrome Support instructions for blocking popups in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome support Instructions

how to block pop-ups in Google Chrome

  • First of all, launch the Google Chrome web browser on your system.
  • Now select the tools option that appears on the top right of the Internet search bar.
  • Once you place your mouse pointer on tools option, the following options gets displayed: Customize and Control Google Chrome
  • Now launch the Google Chrome Options window by clicking the Options tab.
  • Then you can select the under the hood option followed by pressing the content settings option.
  • In order to block the pop-ups, left-click the circle next to do not allow any site to show pop-up option.
  • Now trigger the close button to shut the content settings window.
  • When done, trigger the close button again to exit out the Google Chrome Options window.
  • Launch the Google Chrome again and make sure that there is no pop-ups appeared while browsing.

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox web browser for your browsing activities, then you need to follow another set of instructions for blocking the pop-ups. You can easily avail the troubleshooting techniques from the help section provided in the Mozilla’s official website.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank you for your time and have a good day!